Lucky New Owners

Lighthouse Center® Poland, December 13, 2014

Every year since 2011, the Polish Holosophic Society has collected clothes, kitchen utensils, toys, beddings and other articles of daily use for the inhabitants of Pobiedna, and sometimes also for the surrounding villages. Due to the high unemployment rate, many people do not have the financial resources to buy suitable clothing and household equipment.

After speaking to the chairwoman of the village, Anna Hałas, we found out that this year there was primarily a need for winter clothes for children and adults, as well as other clothes, toys, school material and toiletries. The PTH arranged collection points in several cities in Germany and Austria. Thanks to the efforts and generous contributions of all the local groups, 72 cubic metres of materials could be collected and brought to Pobiedna.

After the goods had been stored in the barn, it took several days to sort and divide them into different categories.

Two days before the event, the LCP crew started to unpack all the boxes and set up everything in the local sports hall. The villagers offered many helping hands, which shows that the actions of the PTH are well appreciated, and people are eager to contribute to the benefit of the local community.

It turned out to be quite a challenge to fit all the clothes and other items into the sports hall. After careful consideration and several rearrangements, everything eventually found its place. Jackets that could not be put on the hangers were placed on the ping-pong tables, which had been donated by the PTH earlier this year.

And finally, everything was ready for the grand opening!

After everybody had left, there was still about a fifth of all the donated goods in the hall. Together with the chairwoman we decided to bring everything to the neighbouring village of Swiece the following day.

The Pobiedna Website has published an article about the event. Read article here (English translation coming soon).