Humanitarian aid for Ukraine

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has created a true humanitarian crisis. Civilians have been trapped in Ukrainian cities, without access to food, water, and essential services. Millions have fled their homes to seek safe refuge.

Sant Baljit Singh Ji has often emphasized that especially during crisis situations, it is pertinent to serve those in need. When the humanitarian crisis intensified in February 2022, Sant Baljit Singh Ji encouraged us to expand our charitable efforts to help deliver humanitarian aid quickly to the people who are suffering so much. Inspired by these words, our teams of volunteers in countries across Europe came together to cooperate and serve those in need during this humanitarian crisis. We are collaborating to support efforts that ensure people receive the urgently needed humanitarian aid and medical supplies.


During the humanitarian crisis:

  • We are continuously providing food, hygiene products, and basic necessities to 170 refugees accommodated close to Lighthouse Center® Poland

  • We collected and delivered urgently needed medical supplies for the wounded and sick in Ukraine.

Moving into high gear for humanitarian aid for Ukraine

When the humanitarian crisis started on 24 February 2022, Holosophic Society International (HSI) immediately started communicating on possible actions to help
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Lighthouse Center® Poland welcomes refugees

On 8 March 2022, Lighthouse Center® Poland welcomed its first refugees, a mother and her 5-year old daughter
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Lighthouse Center® Luch provides safe haven

Lighthouse Center® Luch welcomed its first refugees from Kyiv on 5 March 2022. Over the following days more people seeking refuge arrived from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Irpin, Boryspil, and Kramatorsk
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Stepping forward to help refugees and wounded

After the authorities sent us a list of requested humanitarian aid items, our teams across Europe quickly started collecting these urgently needed food and goods
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Lighthouse Center® Poland delivers humanitarian aid

After two vans brought many boxes of food, medical supplies, and basic necessities that filled a large part of the storage room, we were able to promptly respond to specific requests
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Providing humanitarian aid for Ukraine from Sweden

Our volunteers in Sweden decided to aid the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine by providing medical supplies, food and hygiene items
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In serving others, you broaden your perspective toward humanity.

Sant Baljit Singh Ji