Serving our local community

The Holosophic Society Poland (PTH) organizes and runs charity activities to support and help the local community neighboring the Lighthouse Center® Poland

About LCP

The Lighthouse Center® Poland (LCP) is a retreat center located in the beautiful countryside of the region of Lower Silesia, Poland, near the German and Czech Republic borders. The aim of the Lighthouse Center® Poland (LCP) is to provide the perfect environment for experiencing a natural and healthy way of living. Lighthouse Center® Poland is an international center run by the Holosophic Society Poland (PTH). Read more about PTH and their activities on their website.

When striving to attain personal well-being, we realize quickly that our own well being is closely linked to the well being of those around us. Consequently it is one of the main aims of the Holosophic Society Poland (PTH) to render service to those in need through a number of charitable activities.

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