Austria, December 2023

The Eggerheim is a day care center and shelter for the homeless in Klagenfurt. A circular from Caritas Carinthia, requesting donations of warm clothes for the winter, inspired us for a December Action 2023 charitable project. Everyone knows what it’s like when it’s cold, and spending the night outdoors in these conditions must be terrible.

We quickly set up a collection and informed friends and neighbors. A garage was turned into a storage room. As we not only wanted to collect but also sort, pack and label the boxes according to the content, quite some space was needed.

In the end we delivered 12 boxes full of warm jackets, underwear, socks, gloves, and shoes. The weight was around 100 kg! The managing director of Caritas Carinthia was very thankful for the donations. We hope the clothes will help the homeless to withstand the cold.