Austria, December 2023

The weekly walks with the residents of the St. Klara Retirement Home were suspended in November due to the weather. That’s when the idea arose to invite the residents to a celebration in December. 

We also extended an invitation to the two nuns in charge of the flower garden at the retirement home.  They always welcomed the pleasant breather when we would converse with them during our walks with the residents.

At the celebration, we gathered in a circle in the lounge area on the 4th floor to talk and sing together. We were surprised that a total of 20 people came to the celebration. 

We all sang with joy. Many childhood memories were awakened and shared in the round. The time passed quickly. We finally said goodbye after an hour of sharing with appreciative hearts for everyone and departing words of encouragement for the future. 

We presented the management and the two nuns with lavender hearts and homemade biscuits, which were received with joy and gratitude.