Lighthouse Center Poland, December 2022

December is a month filled with happiness and joy. So we decided once again to share some kindness with residents at the Homeless Home in Leśna. The idea was to touch every heart with handmade personal gifts. That is why we started to work on 80 presents for each man of the home. 

We invited locals and guests from Poland, Germany and Austria to join us because creative projects always require time and a lot of helping hands. First, we made 80 paper bags from scratch. Then we carefully painted and decorated them with Christmas motifs and applications as well as colorful ribbons. Finally, we put shaving foam and two pairs of nice, warm winter socks inside each gift bag. Additionally, we filled 80 transparent bags with fresh mandarins for each resident of the home.

When we arrived to distribute the presents, many men had already gathered to greet us. They appreciated receiving personal gifts. And, for us, it was one of our ways to say ‘We care about you.’