Ukraine, March 2023

Whatever the circumstances are, the help, care and attention is what always supports and inspires people.

Our history of cooperation with the Geriatric Boarding House for Veterans of Labor in Zalutino began in 2017. At first we visited the residents and held various creative activities, made greeting cards and handmade flowers, worked with paints, and created sand figures. These gatherings made us all happy and joyful. From 2017 to 2020 we tried to hold these events once every three months. We had up to 20 participants each time.

After a two-year break due to the pandemic, in 2022 we recontacted the boarding house management. Their needs had changed. Many geriatric centers in the region had closed due to close proximity to the hostilities. Patients were moved to Zalyutino in Kharkiv. Today 650 people live in the boarding house. Many are bedridden, with disabilities, resulting in a dire need for diapers. The support allocated by the state is insufficient, so Know Thyself as Soul, Ukraine offered to help. The boarding house management was happy with our suggestion, and together we calculated the number of diapers needed by the residents. We came up with 900 diapers a month. This year we will be delivering diaper packages on a quarterly basis as needed. Our volunteers have already donated 2,700 diapers of different sizes, totalling 90 packs.

Our meeting with the boarding house staff after such a long break turned out to be warm. We greeted each other as longtime friends. All the volunteers felt inspired and happy to serve, realizing that it also brings joy and makes life a little easier for the elderly.