Switzerland, December 2022

Gassechuchi Langenthal is a small organization supporting less fortunate people (homeless, refugees, addicts, etc.) by providing food, clothes and human kindness once a week. The organization is mainly supported by private donors and volunteers.

We contacted the main organizer of Gassechuchi Langenthal for their needs. Then, one afternoon in early December, we gathered at a volunteer’s home to pack 150 bags of non-perishable basic food items and hygiene products. Two days later, we took all the bags to Gassechuchi Langenthal’s  weekly distribution point and helped distribute the bags. 

The team at Gassechuchi Langenthal was very well organized. Each recipient was given a number, and when it was their turn, they could get their food. They also received another bag with donated food, so they left the distribution point richly packed. It was a pleasure to see so many grateful, smiling faces!

Gifts of Food for Needy People