Sweden, March 2022

Our volunteers in Sweden decided to aid the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine by providing medical supplies, food and hygiene items. The representative of the organization contacted all of our volunteers in Stockholm and shared the idea. Volunteers joined this charity action with enthusiasm. Over the next few days we purchased items from a long list recommended by the Ukrainian Embassy. The items included: bandages, patches, wound cleansers, First-Aid kits, painkillers, sore throat medicines; oatmeal, noodles, cans of vegetable soup, corn, protein bars, tea, cakes, nuts, dried fruits; hand cream, vaseline, lip balm, soap, shampoo, etc. Then, we met at Know Thyself as Soul Center – Stockholm twice that week to pack the goods. Medical supplies, food and hygiene items were packed in different boxes for easier categorization of donations. Finally, 6 boxes were labeled and ready for transit.

We delivered all the boxes to the drop-off point in Stockholm. It was a school used as a warehouse. The staff who took charge of the boxes was especially pleased to see medical supplies included, as they were in high demand. We were pleased to contribute assistance to the Ukrainian people.