Lighthouse Center® Poland

At the end of November 2020, we learned of a devastating house fire in a nearby village. The family of ten, including two young children, were experiencing a difficult time. Due to previous charity experience, we were able to immediately assist with their most urgent needs. We delivered basic food, LCP preserves, cleaning supplies, clothes, and school material directly to them. The family met us with tears in their eyes, grateful to receive support in their time of crisis.

In December 2020, we further supported the family with long lasting food. We also baked pizza and tarts and shared our homemade cookies.

As the family tried to save their limited money to cover the costs for the needed roof repair and other major renovations to the house, we supported them three more times with basic food. In February, June and October we packed and delivered long lasting food, including fresh LCP garden vegetables and LCP homemade bread. We were also happy to share our LCP vegetable plants to be grown in their garden.