Israel, May 2022

We continue to cooperate with the Yad L’Arad community, which helps families in need in Arad by providing them with food packages. Every month, that organization completes 200 sets of non-perishable food and basic hygiene items for needy families identified by the government. Among these families are people of different faiths, secular and religious. We decided to join the monthly distribution in May and prepared 80 sets for especially large families. We thought about which items they might need and chose personal hygiene items: shampoo, body and hand soap, toothbrushes and paste.

Upon delivering the items to the Yad L’Arad warehouse, we were greeted warmly and talked a little with volunteers who were interested to know more about our organization. They understood that we are united by the desire to help those in need and to share what we have.

Right before the distribution of support packages, one greenhouse owner brought a large number of floral peony buds as an uplifting gift of beauty. So, by coincidence, on this occasion, people received two kinds of unexpected gifts. We all were glad that we could help people and make them pleasantly surprised.