Spain, March 2022

We have supported the local food bank at Cadix on two occasions since April 2021 and decided that it was once again time to offer our support. We had established links with the donations coordinator and he told which products were in short supply. He informed us that there was a shortage of babies’ products such as diapers, cereals and purees and he asked us if we could exclusively donate these products.

In total, we bought and donated 2271 nappies of different sizes, 7,800 kg of vegetable and fruit purees and 4,640 kg of cereals for babies.

The following day, boxes were prepared to fill with the purchases. They were organized in terms of product and size with an inventory list to make it easier for the food bank volunteers to distribute the items.

On the third day, two volunteers from the food bank came to collect the items in a big van. We all worked together to load the boxes. The food bank volunteers appreciated the well organized donation.