Spain, April 2021

One of our volunteers visited our local food bank to see if we could support them. They told us that there had been a thirty percent increase in people seeking assistance and they would welcome any food donations we could make.

After a discussion, we decided to help. They told us they needed products like olive oil and baby diapers. We compared prices with several different suppliers to ensure getting the best quality for the best price. In total, we donated 41 litres of olive oil, 784 diapers, 7.2 kilograms of baby cereals, 26 kilograms of dried lentils, 26 kilograms of dried chickpeas, 18 kilograms of rice, 18 kilograms of spaghetti and 40 jars of tomatoes.

Once all the goods were gathered, we disinfected the packages. Then, we called the food bank to come and collect the donation. Two volunteers from the food bank came in a big van to collect the goods and we helped them load up. It was great to help those in need.