Belgium, November 2021

One of our volunteers gives medical pedicures for a charitable organization called De Fontein. The organization supports homeless people and people in need by welcoming them into their facility and providing a few basic services. These services include laundry, showers, a hot meal, and medical support, if required. After learning about their services, we decided to approach De Fontein to see if there was any additional support we could provide. Following a discussion with their management, we decided to buy warm thermal trousers.

On the first Sunday in November, we gathered in Ghent to pack the warm trousers. It was nice to come together again to undertake some charitable work for the benefit of others. In total, we made 75 individual presents. Other gifts such as warm hand knitted socks were also included. The gifts were beautifully wrapped and decorated with ribbons. Each one included a card wishing the recipient “Good health”. We wrote this message of goodwill in seven different languages to reflect the diversity of the service users accessing the facilities of De Fontein. They were written in Dutch, French, English, Bulgarian, Romanian, Arabic, and Slovak. Last year, when we undertook a similar deed, the recipients were delighted to receive a gift with a message in their own language. Our volunteer who already assists at the facility delivered the presents three days later.

Just as last year, the gifts were all gratefully received.