Belgium, September 2021

We recently undertook some charitable work with an organization called “La Porte d’Ulysse”, which is part of an organization called “Plateforme Citoyenne de Soutien aux réfugiés”. The main focus of this organization is to support refugees. The organization came to our attention through one of our volunteers who serves with them. We supported this organization before so it made sense to build upon our good working relationship. As such, we were able to quickly assist approximately 200 people.

On the day of the event, we met at the train station. Volunteers came from two different areas in Belgium and from Holland. We had a short briefing and then proceeded to the Porte d’Ulysse, located in an old office block.

On our arrival, we were warmly welcomed. Our host was happy to speak in the languages of our diverse group, which included English, Dutch and French. We cleaned, chopped and stored the ingredients to be cooked. Our work was executed smoothly and silently. Everything worked out according to plan in a timely manner with the help of another volunteer who was assisting that day. Once all the preparation was finished, one of the volunteers cooked the meal while the others cleaned-up.

The meal was a great success. It had been planned for three hundred people but only two hundred came. However, almost everything was eaten and there was very little left. We didn’t serve the food to the recipients but the feedback shared was that some people enjoyed it so much that they came back for two or three servings. We were pleased to have collaborated with La Porte d’Ulysse again and developed a stronger working relationship with them. They were happy with the help we provided and with the number of volunteers.