Croatia, April 2021

In late December 2020, strong earthquakes hit a few cities near Zagreb. Since then, charity organizations have been helping people impacted by the damages.

One of our volunteers was already at the location. He knew the people organizing the volunteer work, so we easily contacted them and fixed a date for our arrival.

On the morning of Saturday, April 24th, we arrived in the small town of Glina. We met the representative of the charity organization and asked what the needs were for the day. She said that it would be a big help if we could sort the donated clothes for distribution on Monday.

The receiving area is usually quite a mess because they don’t have enough time to clean up and organize the constant stream of donations coming from all around the country. That’s why our help with sorting was highly appreciated.

We were very happy to take on this task. We spread across the tent and started to sort. Finally the messy tent was transformed into an organized boutique-like shop. The new order brought some kind of peace. When the representative passed by, she was delighted to see what we had done.

We had been so focused that at some point we suddenly noticed that everything was sorted and all the shelves were full. Soon after that, the representative came to tell us that they were about to leave for the day, so we could too.

Later in the evening we received a message from one of the charity organizers: “I wanted to thank you for the help, they told me you have done a huge amount of work. Thank you so much. Regards to everyone and call if you need anything.” That message of gratitude was like a “cherry on top” for the day that was already so rewarding in itself.

We are truly thankful for this opportunity and we are looking forward to another occasion to serve those in need.