Slovenia, April 2021

Every April Earth Day events take place around the world. This year we decided to support Earth Day by a cleaning campaign in major Slovenian cities: Ljubljana, Maribor, Koper and Nova Gorica.

Volunteers from all parts of Slovenia joined the action which lasted about three hours. We picked up all kinds of rubbish, cigarette butts, papers, bags, cans, bottles, pieces of metal and plastic, and the like. All in all, we gathered a huge amount of trash, which we eventually deposited at designated locations.

During our clean up we heard appreciative comments from passers-by for our waste collection. One lady was so inspired that she started to pick up waste too.

In addition to cleaning nature close to cities, the activity became a cheerful gathering of Slovenian volunteers. We decided to repeat this action again next year (if not sooner), to give our planet a little helping hand.