Israel, March 2021

In February our volunteers cooperated with the administration of a senior’s club, the Association of Pensioners, to hand out over a hundred gifts with sweets to families of pensioners. We coordinated two simultaneous distributions in the city of Arad. For the elderly living in close proximity to the club, they came in person to receive the gift. For those living further away, we delivered the gifts according to safety rules, without entering homes and keeping a distance.

Preparation for the project was very smooth, quick and orderly.The collection of all the gifts took place in an apartment of a volunteer´s family.

It was nice to work in a team and have new people join us. Young students, family members of volunteers, and friends sharing the idea of serving others were happy to take part.

In this difficult time, pensioners often find themselves cut off from ordinary life and due to the conditions of quarantine measures, do not see their relatives and friends. The elderly were very moved and delighted by the gifts and attention. Despite wearing masks, their eyes visibly lit up with the joy of communication. And our hearts were filled with the joy of giving when we distributed the gifts to them.