Israel, April 2021

To support shelters in our area we contacted a non-profit organization maintaining two shelters in Beer Sheva city, one for women victims of domestic violence and another one for men with drug abuse.

On March 30th, we visited these two shelters while complying with the necessary safety rules for COVID-19.

The shelter for women opened last year, four women and three children are living there now. The shelter for men accommodates twelve, currently there are only six.

At our request, the administration of the shelters compiled a list of necessary items and our group began to collect clothes and shoes for adults and children, textiles like curtains and towels, and games for children.

Ultimately 13 large packets were filled with the collected items. We further supplemented the donations with baby food, diapers and laundry detergent.

Two weeks later all the collected and purchased items were handed over to the shelter´s administration. They were amazed how the clothes and all the other items were so well sorted in an organized manner. As a result, our donations were distributed quickly.

Taking part in this project, we realized how basic help such as the donation of goods can be valuable and necessary for people. We were glad to serve.