Ukraine, December 2020

In our city there is a geriatric House of Mercy named after St. Nicholas. It is home to 40 elderly and disabled people. And although the institution is supported by the city municipality, funding is limited. The guests are in great need of help. Half of the residents in the center are bedridden and require special care. They need the usual items for daily living: clothes, shoes, bedding, as well as personal hygiene products.

Our volunteers learned about the needs of the House of Mercy by talking with the director of this institution. For several months we collected bed linen and clothes. Then we packed the items and handed them over to the administration of the House.

To our surprise, the act of kindness was returned with hand packed bags of herbal tea. These souvenirs were given to us as a token of gratitude for their support and care.

Our team decided to continue helping the residents of the House of Mercy. Therefore, the volunteers phoned the director of the institution to clarify the list of needed items. This time we purchased and packaged food, hygiene products, adult diapers, and medical equipment, and then handed everything over to the administration.

We look forward to this growing opportunity to serve.