Poland, December 2020

For Pobiedna’s annual food distribution to selected families in need, we decided to expand our capacity. It was the perfect opportunity to make use of our new professional oven, which is very suitable for making pizzas, cookies and small tarts.

After calculating all the needed ingredients and planning the logistics, we were ready for production.

The whole month of December was focused on charity – baking cookies, pizzas and tarts as well as sewing Christmas socks out of felt to fill them with sweets for the children.

Besides the box of basic foods, household supplies as well as fruit and veggies partially from the LCP winter storage, each person received a pizza, a tart, a bag of cookies and a Christmas sock filled with sweets for each child.

Altogether 90 people, such as the elderly and families with difficulties making ends meet, received the gifts. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic regulations, we decided to deliver them directly to the home of each family.

The village leader of Pobiedna together with one of the beneficiaries volunteered to help us find all the addresses. Each family was informed beforehand that we would be bringing warm pizzas around lunchtime, so they did not have to cook that day.

Everyone sincerely appreciated the extra efforts from our side. By the time of the delivery, most people had already been waiting for us, often standing outside their home, waving their hands from afar. When seeing their happy and thankful faces, we felt like one big family and part of the village.

We also delivered gifts to the Homeless Home Leśna, the Elderly Home in Mirsk and a family that had been affected by a fire. All in all, we produced and shared about 6,800 cookies, 180 pizzas and 350 tarts for the charity activities in the month of December. The oven has definitely done a great job!