Benelux, December 2020

De Fontein is a non-profit organization part of the Order of Malta and operates as a ‘house of hygiene’ for people in need and the homeless. Whilst their clothes are being washed, clients can take a shower, eat soup, and receive first aid if necessary. A volunteer from the Gent group is in charge of foot care at De Fontein where she gives a medical pedicure every Tuesday morning.

After consulting with De Fontein, we decided to supply “feet warming packages”. Such a package would contain a pair of cushioning insoles and a jar of nourishing foot cream. We bought feet pads and made a lot of foot cream with shea butter, walnut oil, baobab oil, and tea tree oil ourselves. The shea butter was special. While we purchased it from a local Belgian project, we were ultimately supporting women in Burkina Faso.

We added to each package a card on which was written, “Good health,” in six different languages: Dutch, French, English, Romanian, Arabic, and Slovak. These languages are the most ​spoken by the Fontein clientele.

Our packages were given to De Fontein on December 22nd by the volunteer from Gent in charge of the foot care. The organization greatly appreciated this donation and was very happy with it.

By coincidence, the head coordinator of De Fontein came to Gent that day (there are also hygiene houses in Liège and Brussels). As an unexpected benefit, we were able to give him some packages for the hygiene house in Brussels too.