Poland, November 2020

Volunteers of the Know Thyself as Soul – Wrocław decided to support a homeless shelter by donations in kind.

Winter months are always a challenge both for the homeless and staff at shelters. However, the staff do their best to ensure that the most basic needs of the residents are met. Having made a call to one of the hostels for men in Wrocław, we learned of their urgent need for men’s underwear and warm socks.

Accordingly, we purchased a pair of woolen socks for each one of the 79 residents and a lot of men’s underwear. We additionally wanted to delight them with fresh fruits and something sweet. Therefore, we bought more than 50 kg of fruits and more than 100 chocolate bars.

We packed all the purchased articles into a car and transported them to the shelter. The manager was extremely grateful for our delivery. There are more people in need this year than before, he said, and our help was very necessary and right on time.