Poland, since August 2020

The harvest of LCP garden vegetables, herbs and fruits turned out to be quite abundant in summer 2020.  Thus, we started sharing the seasonal produce with 11 Pobiedna families, mostly elderly people in need, beginning in August.

The chairman of Pobiedna and the person responsible for the elderly club selected the 11 families in need. They also helped us establish a distribution plan. Since then, we regularly deliver boxes of our seasonal garden harvest to the families. The boxes filled with fresh organically grown food are happily received.

Besides the delivery of our garden produce, the elderly also very much appreciate chatting with us. Every time we meet we are getting to know each other better and developing trust.

We take care that the current COVID-19 pandemic regulations and restrictions are applied when preparing and delivering the boxes.

To stay connected, we continue delivering even during the winter months. We share not only the vegetables from our winter storage, but also homemade jam and canned vegetables, and fruits to provide a reliable natural food supply.