Austria, December 2020

Every Tuesday in December, volunteers met at Know Thyself as Soul Center – Graz to prepare snacks for people in need. Each evening the charitable Vinzi Society of Graz distributes by bus sandwiches and tea to people in need. One can help by providing the food. This we did once a week in December. Usually only sandwiches and tea are offered to the people. But, since everyone also likes to eat something sweet, we decided to bake cakes and cookies for them to give as a special treat. So some of us prepared spreads for the sandwiches and others baked gingerbread, apple and chocolate-cakes the day before.

On each of the five afternoons, more than 100 sandwiches were prepared, 20 liters of fruit tea brewed, and around 100 pieces of cake cut. We placed the sandwiches and pieces of cake each with a napkin in small bags. In the evening, volunteers from the Vinzi Society picked up all of the goodies. They distributed the sandwiches, the sweets and the tea at three different areas in Graz to those in need.

We enjoyed working together and will carry out this charity activity again in spring.