Austria, since July 2020

Volunteers from the Know Thyself as Soul Feldkirchen deliver food boxes to people in need in the area of Feldkirchen twice a month. The food boxes are prepared by Tafel, a Red Cross project, collecting good quality surplus food from various suppliers and offering it at storage locations, where people in need can pick up a box.

During the Covid-19 lockdown this pick-up possibility stopped – and a delivery service was established instead.

During the summer after the lockdown, the City Councilor in Feldkirchen decided to continue with direct deliveries to people not being able to pick up food at the storage.

Since July we have taken part in this service by using a private car to collect the packages from the Red Cross storage and deliver them to about 15 households in the city of Feldkirchen and surrounding villages.

Of course, we do everything in accordance with the Covid-19 health and security requirements by keeping the required distance and wearing masks and disposable gloves.

People’s reactions vary from a simple “thank you” to great joy with tears in their eyes when the box is handed over. We appreciate this opportunity to assist people in need.