Ukraine, October, 2020

Volunteers from Know Thyself as Soul Center in Chernovtsy offered to support the residents of the city’s psychiatric hospital. We contacted the hospital administration for their needs, formed a team of volunteers and then organized into smaller groups. Each group performed different functions: communicating with hospital management, purchasing and collecting items, packaging items, and delivering the donations.

There are 60 patients in this hospital with different diagnoses who need constant care. This requires a lot of hygiene products and bedding sets. We informed our volunteers about the charity event to collect bedding sets and towels. Items were brought to the collection point and even sent by mail.  Another group of our volunteers focused on purchasing hygiene products. They gathered 10 packs of diapers for bedridden patients, as well as bags with washing powder and soap.

When all items were ready, we packed everything in boxes. Our team met the hospital management outside, where we handed over the boxes. Both volunteers and staff respected social distancing, and wore masks and gloves. These seemingly physical barriers did not prevent us from enjoying a warm welcome and communicating our thanks to each other.