Austria, August 2020

Volunteers of the Know Thyself as Soul Center – Vienna prepared lunch for people in need at VinziPort, an emergency shelter for EU citizens. 

We bought fresh vegetables at the market and good quality ingredients to prepare soy schnitzel the Viennese way with mashed potatoes, vegetables and salad for 30 people.

As it was our first culinary project at the VinziPort kitchen, we were excited about cooking in a new environment. Before beginning, VinziPort provided special safety instructions in case of a kitchen emergency.

Everything went well and after half an hour we were familiar with the equipment.

The meal preparations went smoothly. We finished cooking just as the first guests arrived. Maybe they were attracted by the fresh aroma wafting through the open window.

After cleaning the kitchen, we departed feeling satisfied and in a good mood. Upon being asked to return soon, we agreed to two more appointments.