Poland, December 2020

Translation of an article on the town of Pobiedna, Poland’s official website: members of the Polish Holosophic Society helped decorating the huge Christmas tree in the main square.

The Christmas tree on Wolności Square has been decorated already 12 days before Christmas.

On Saturday, December 12, 2020, at Wolności Square in Pobiedna, a Christmas tree lit up with new decorations and lights.

The Christmas tree was decorated as per tradition by members of the Polish Holosophic Society from Pobiedna and firefighters from the Volunteer Fire Department from Pobiedna. As the Christmas tree is a living tree and grows higher every year, it has made decorating it more and more difficult. This year, firefighters used a rescue vehicle with a hydraulic lift, which made it much easier to decorate the Christmas tree, which does not mean that it was easy! The decorating still took several hours.