Austria, from September 2020

The social market “der Korb” (the basket) is an institution in the Vöcklabruck district in Upper Austria. People with a demonstrably low income such as single mothers, elderly with minimal pensions, unemployed people, or recipients of minimum income can buy basic food for about a third of the price at a supermarket. The goods are donated by retail chains and private donors.

Our volunteers from the western Austria learned that there is often a shortage of certain staple foods, hygiene products and vegetables. We therefore decided to help the social market.

There is always a list of urgently needed items, from which we can make a selection. We compare prices between the various providers, place orders and organize transport. The head of the social market was very pleased with the variety of products, including vinegar, oil, washing powder, jam, canned beans, handkerchiefs, toilet paper, potatoes, carrots, and onions.