Austria, August 2020

Every Tuesday in August, volunteers met in the Know Thyself as Soul Center in Graz to make sandwiches for people in need. 

We collaborated with the Vinzi Society which coordinates food distribution to the hungry in Graz and welcomes other volunteers. Although they normally only distribute sandwiches and tea, but knowing everyone likes sweet delicacies, we decided to bake homemade cakes as a special treat. Some of us prepared spreads for the sandwiches, while others would bake apple, peach or chocolate cakes the day before.

On each of the four afternoons, we made more than 100 sandwiches. In addition, we cooked 20 liters of fruit tea and cut approximately 100 pieces of cake. We then packed the sandwiches and pieces of cake, each wrapped in a napkin, into small bags. 

In the evening, two volunteers from the Vinzi Society would pick up all the goodies. They distributed the sandwiches, the cake and the tea in three different areas in Graz to those in need.

Working together gave us all great pleasure.