Ukraine, June 2020

For several years volunteers of Know Thyself as Soul Center have actively supported the administration of the psychiatric hospital in the Ukrainian village of Strelechie. Patients needing constant care or specialized medical care live there. Many of them are completely dependent upon the staff for basic living activities such as eating and dressing. Some patients require several changes of clothes and bed linen daily.

So, knowing this situation, we talked with the hospital staff and offered our help.

There was a special need for blankets and bed linens. But the challenge is that every bedding set, which includes a blanket, sheet, pillowcase and duvet cover, must be heat treated after use. So, for washing, the staff uses strong detergents to completely disinfect the linens. As a result, undergoing such constant processing, the fabric wears out and becomes unusable.

We told our friends about this situation and invited them to join us in collecting bedding for the patients of the psychiatric hospital. Certainly, it was very exciting to see how people responded to our request. It took several months to assemble the required number of blankets and bedding sets. But the result was delightful for both volunteers and hospital staff.

So, upon reaching the collection goal, a group of volunteers packed the blankets and bedding. They then loaded them into a car and drove them to the hospital. The administration and medical staff were grateful to us. And we were grateful to them for this opportunity to serve.