Poland, June 2020

We decided to offer home grown vegetable plants to people of the village Pobiedna and the nearby county Lésna.

Our organic garden seeds for vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, and zucchini had grown quite well. After taking a portion of seedlings for the LCP garden, approximately 1,000 plants were ready to be given away.

We contacted the chairman of Pobiedna regarding our plant sharing project. Thanks to his support it was posted on the Pobiedna website and the page of the local volunteer association, “Time for Pobiedna.” Posters were displayed for people with no internet.

Those wishing to receive plants for their gardens were asked to order in advance. We invited the people who had placed orders to pick up the plants at LCP or have them delivered. The chairman and the previous chairwoman helped deliver to those without the means for pick up.

For the pick up at LCP, we set up tables with the plant orders outside. Besides the plants, we shared gardening tips by answering questions and giving advice. We also gave each family a jar of LCP chili paste and a jar of LCP jam as souvenirs. 

Everyone was very pleased with the plant sharing and encouraged us to do it again.

Later we received feedback from people that they were enjoying the tasty tomatoes and other vegetables.