Ukraine, July 2020

With only six months in operation, Nadia, the reintegration center for homeless people in Kherson, needed support. We immediately sprang into action. A quick phone call to the administration better clarified their needs. From there, we began gathering the items and equipment. 

But did the center have room to absorb our donation? Renovations had depleted their storage space and, thus, posed a practical problem. As a workaround, we sent photos of the items ready for delivery. The administration selected the most needed items and we delivered.  

After delivery, the administration expressed much gratitude for our assistance. They especially commented on the donated laptop that proved essential for their daily reporting activities. We felt a surge of joy, because we understood that we could provide real help to people who need it.

So, we will continue to support the center on an ongoing basis every 2-3 months depending on their needs. It has proven a wonderful experience for all of us and a great opportunity to serve others!