United Kingdom, May-June 2020

In May, volunteers of the Holosophic Society UK (HSUK) began supporting food banks in Leicester and London. To date, volunteers have donated nearly 300 kg of essential items to the different locations.


We donated items such as canned food, cereals, and detergent and dropped them at a volunteer’s home. After filling bags and boxes with the collected items, we delivered them to the local food bank every two weeks. We were very grateful to receive a letter of thanks from the manager of the food bank after our very first delivery.

We are excited to continue our contribution to the people in need in our community.

London, Borough Bexley

We also began supporting the food bank of Bexley on a regular basis. Every week we purchased food and toiletries and packed them into boxes. The Bexley food bank gratefully received our donations. We have delivered more than 50 kg of different items and the manager has sent a letter of thanks which was very kind.

To: President Holosophic Society UK

Dear Gunwant Dhadyalla,

Thank you so much for the donation that we have received from Holosophic Society UK.

As you are aware, we completely rely on gifts such as this, to maintain the items of food that we pack into the emergency parcels. We can struggle to make up an emergency parcel with all the items needed, to maintain a balance of ingredients, required to provide a good breakfast, lunch and dinner for three days. Your contribution will also enable us to purchase those items we run short of and help us to maintain supply to families that are struggling to put food on the table.

We also provide an advocacy and advice service, to help address some of the issues as to why a person or family has found themselves in the food poverty cycle. Your donation will ensure that we can continue to serve the vulnerable in our community in the most appropriate way.

Once again thank you for your generosity and please visit our website and social media pages, to keep up to date on how you have helped to give hope to others.

Kindest regards

Bruce Harrison
Operational Manager
Leicester South Tafel




Monday 29th June 2010

Dear Members of the Holosophic Society,

I am writing to say a big thank you to you all for your generous donations. You have donated just over 50 kg.

Last year we fed 10,023 people in need in this borough, recently we saw an increase in use due to COVID because people losing their jobs mainly. Universal credit still takes time to set up, so in this time, we are feeding those without access to income.

Kindest regards

Gill Bates

Bexley Foodbank Manager