Switzerland, May 2020

In early May, images of hundreds of people queuing for food parcels in Geneva caused a stir in the media. The consequences of COVID-19 had hit the poorest in Switzerland. About 3,000 people are currently receiving a bag of basic food items once a week. 

So, our volunteers in Geneva and Lausanne came up with the idea of supporting the local food bank Partage. It organises a weekly food distribution. First, we contacted the management and agreed to purchase food and hygiene products. Then we dropped them off at the distribution point. After that, equipped with face masks and gloves, we helped sort all the donations Partage received during the week. We put them into boxes with similar products in order to more easily pack individual bags. More than 3,000 bags were prepared for distribution the following day.

As the weekly distribution will continue in the coming months, we plan to give the friendly volunteers at Partage a helping hand again.