Austria, December 2019

In the morning of December 24, volunteers of the Holosophic Society Austria visited the Hospital Oberndorf close to Salzburg. We focused on those patients who had to spend Christmas in the hospital and were not expecting any visitors. Everything was clarified beforehand with the hospital as they saw a need and wished for such a service. 

At the first ward, we handed each patient a small hand-made Christmas bag containing a fabric heart filled with lavender. We also included those patients who were not sure whether they would be able to leave that day. Together with the gifts we conveyed our best wishes for the New Year and a speedy recovery.

The contact with some patients resulted in a deeper conversation, where we strongly felt their need to share. Before proceeding to the next floor, we said our goodbyes to all the friendly staff on this floor, also offering them a lavender filled heart.

At the surgical ward, many beds were empty so we completed our visits in a short time. 

It was a lovely service and all of the patients were delighted with their small presents, thanking us for our good wishes.