Poland, Spring 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting social distancing, we could not visit the Elderly Home in Mirsk to perform our musical Easter program for the residents and sing Polish songs together.  

However, upon contacting the co-manager of the home, we learned about the urgent need for light disposable face masks rather than the fabric ones that the residents find to be difficult to breathe through and very uncomfortable to wear.

While arranging for the requested masks, an idea arose. Why not send them a little gift in the form of homemade red currant and aronia apple jam from the LCP garden?

Equipped with gloves and face masks according to the hygiene requirements, we disinfected each jam jar before packing them into large cardboard boxes.

As it was not possible for us to deliver the goodies directly to the home due to the governmental pandemic regulations, the co-manager came to LCP to pick up the boxes. While wearing face masks and gloves, and maintaining the required social distance, we were able to briefly discuss the current situation in the home and its further needs.