Spain, December 2019

Volunteers from Bilbao contacted an elderly nursing home in a nearby town where the Holosophic Society Spain celebrated its Christmas retreat and were informed that the residents would not have any activities at Christmas. So we, the participants of the retreat, organized an afternoon with carols and popular songs of the area to share with them.

Friends and musicians of their families were encouraged to participate playing the guitar, the typical flute of the area and the drum. After having prepared and rehearsed the songs¬† we were kindly welcomed by the people at the nursing home. We started with a parade until the elderly were accommodated. The songs cheered up their afternoon. The elderly accompanied us singing and the atmosphere was so animated that we even danced in circles. The older people who couldn’t get up were clapping their hands, singing or just smiling. After the party, a vegan cake that we had prepared at the retreat was served. We shared a beautiful evening.