Belgium, December 2019

On 27 December 2019 HS Benelux (HSB) organized an afternoon for elderly people in the city of Gent. HSB was allowed to use a modern and nice location for this purpose. We prepared the room with a big seating space in the middle where people could socialize, eat and drink, while the four corners offered different types of activities.

In one corner, people made party cards with various papers and decorative items. Another corner offered decorating tea lights with paint brushes. The most successful corner hosted a very old and funny board game: Pietjesbak. The final corner provided dress up clothes for souvenir photos.

Upon arrival, the people were welcomed with a festive drink with lemon and mint. While some of us were getting to know each other over sweets with coffee and tea, others started to create party cards or enjoyed chatting.

Meanwhile one of our volunteers armed with a special camera started to take souvenir photos which were immediately printed and handed to the guests.

These moments were enjoyed by the guests very much and evoked their inner child which was fully expressed playing the famous Pietjesbak!

Singing traditional Flemish songs during a little break with drinks and cake further warmed the cheerful event.

Finally, little presents were distributed before saying goodbye.

Despite the different ages, with the majority above 75, we all seemed like happy children enjoying playing together.