Israel, February 2020

A group of volunteers from Arad and Ashkelon organized a planting activity on February 10th. This day is named Tu BiShvat, meaning new year (or “birthday”) of the trees.

Despite the rainy weather we started at 11 a.m. at the hostel for elderly people. We brought plants, compost and garden tools with us. To everyone’s joy the clouds cleared and the shining sun encouraged us.

Together with the hostel residents we planted flowers, mostly geraniums and succulents. Some of us dug holes, while others spread a mixture of compost and soil. A nearby fence was cleared of old vines and branches. People worked seamlessly and eagerly. By teaming up, we completed the project rather quickly.

After the event we were invited to a tea party with a spontaneous concert organized by the hostel residents. As they serenaded us with songs, we all realized that our hearts were opened in happiness.