HSI Organized European Summer Retreat 2019 in Poland

The Holosophic Society International (HSI) organized the European Summer Retreat at Lighthouse Center® Poland (LCP) from August 10-16, 2019. People from 22 countries took part in this annual event at LCP. 

“Every day is a new life, a new beginning, a new start.” This motto, a quote of Sant Baljit Singh Ji, printed on a nice notebook everyone received at arrival as a welcome gift.

Pleasant weather conditions supported the smooth running of the retreat.

This year, the retreat’s program focused on serving others and devotional practices. Every day, a specific theme was displayed in the morning to be reflected on throughout the day. In the evening, the satsang reinforced that theme.

Due to the manifold requirements of running the retreat, every participant had the opportunity to serve others in various ways such as preparing the daily meals and desserts as well as cleaning the retreat facilities, washing dishes, gardening, and many more.

Sewing storage bags of different sizes, preparing lavender sachets, and making special beeswax food wraps being antibacterial and sustainable were additional activities one could join.

Devotional singing was a new program item on the daily agenda. The lyrics were displayed on the large screen and everyone could sing along with the musicians. This turned out to be a great joy for many and attuned us for the evening program of satsang and meditation.

One afternoon, participants could choose to join one of three charity activities for the local community. 

Visiting an elderly home in Mirsk was a very interactive event. Having cookies and tea together in a garden tent, along with playing traditional Polish music and reading Polish poetry delighted the elderly very much.

At a walk together they were happy to chat and share their stories with the Polish speaking volunteers. 

Another charity action was to maintain the children’s playground in Pobiedna. Weeding pathways and painting the fence were done joyfully together in a big group of volunteers, including the village´s mayor and local children.

The third charity activity consisted of sorting and packing a huge amount of donated clothing that participants had brought to the retreat. The boxes were dedicated to be delivered to Lésna for people in need.

The next to last day was offered as a devotional day with satsang and meditation in the morning and afternoon with a great variety of devotional music in the evening. Singing together and spending more time in meditation was well appreciated.

During the farewell evening on Friday, music groups from different countries shared various spiritual songs and musical performances.

Another beautiful retreat – enriched by heart-warming moments and new inspiration for daily life – had come to an end. Let’s meet again for the next retreat.