Ljubljana, May 2019

Volunteers decided to organize another walk with the elderly people from the retirement home Tabor Ljubljana. We have a good relationship with this institution as some volunteers visit quite regularly. Thus, arrangements were quickly coordinated.  We wished to cheer up the older people who suffer from dementia, are in wheelchairs, or who rarely have visitors from their relatives.

On a beautiful spring day volunteers gathered at the retirement home. A few volunteers from other organizations also joined. Together with the employees and the elderly, we made a good sized group.

The first stop on our way was Ljubljana’s central market, where we gifted some beautiful potted flowers with the elderly and took photos.

We continued on our way through the city center and stopped by the statue of a former mayor. A volunteer shared the mayor’s life achievements from more than one hundred years ago.

Then we sang old folk songs accompanied by the sounds of a ukulele. The older people were very familiar with those songs and enjoyed listening or singing along. 

Our last stop was at a restaurant where we had prepared a small sweet surprise for the elderly. We shared some delicious, healthy muffins with them that one of the volunteers had baked the day before. While enjoying the sweet taste of the muffins, a sense of delight and gratitude overwhelmed us. We were all truly touched by the happiness and spark in the eyes of the elderly.

After two hours of a wonderful gathering, we all returned joyfully to the retirement home Tabor. Employees from the retirement home kindly thanked us and invited us to repeat the walk in the near future.