Slovenia, December 2019

In autumn we offered support to the charity action ”Santa Claus for One Day.” The main focus of this nationwide charity action is to surprise children and elderly people who have very limited resources and cannot afford very basic supplies with gift packets during the holiday season. Anyone can join, a child or an elderly person is assigned to them, they then prepare a special gift packed for this person. We received instructions on what each gift must contain (something for personal hygiene, toys, clothes, some sweets, and school supplies) and what cannot be included. We decided to buy some additional products like nuts and dried fruits to supplement the gifts and also join the big event of checking the gift packages, which took part in early December.  Volunteers from our organization joined this event. We split into groups and started the checking.

This year more than 13,000 gifts were prepared. We opened every single packet to ensure all necessary elements were included and none of the banned ones. Many volunteers from other organizations participated as well, mostly young people and all were very excited to be a part of this charity action, which was obviously a big success. We will join again next year!