In December 2017, just before Christmas, several volunteers of the Holosophic Society Croatia (HDH), went out onto the streets of Zagreb to distribute little Christmas gift bags from the heart. A group of volunteers from Zagreb, Croatia, decided to do something to approach some of those people who are less fortunate. The group made little packages containing fruits and cookies that had been baked in their meditation center.

On several days the volunteers went into the city, approached people who were sleeping on the street, or collecting bottles from the garbage bins in order to sell them, or simply begging. Some of these encounters were very touching, with people starting to cry when offered a package, together with a few kind words and a question about their situation.

For the group it was a special experience to share some time with people in distress. Being fully aware that a package with cookies and fruits cannot alleviate their situation, the act of kindness and lending an ear to their story might have warmed their hearts for a little while.