European Summer Retreat 2016

at Lighthouse Center® Poland

After the successful summer retreat last year, the event was held again at Lighthouse Center® Poland in August 2016. People from 18 different countries visited the European Center and actively participated in the daily life as well as specially organised activities, and a number of astounding projects were accomplished.

Retreat Scenes & Locations

In order to host such a large number of visitors, a good infrastructure and logistics are required. Many participants were busy doing voluntary work to ensure a smooth operation of the event. 

A two-day presentation invited the audience to listen to various reflections on the path of Sant Mat.


A variety of activities were offered in the big barn, such as sewing, working with wood, producing herb salt or natural cleaning products.


The fresh herbs had to be harvested in the LCP garden. Then they were processed and blended with rock salt.


After watching the birds fighting for the few old nesting boxes hanging from some trees on our premises, we came up with the idea of making some new ones; not only for the birds at LCP, but also the ones in the local environment.

From now on, our winged fellow occupants will no longer suffer from housing shortage.


Colorful animal-shaped cushions, bags and a lot of other beautiful handicraft products were created in the sewing workshop. 

One afternoon, we were joined by a small group of mothers from a local mother-child home. The mothers were overjoyed to have learnt how to make something useful and deeply touched by the fact that they had been offered this opportunity.


Sunny weather and a group of enthusiastic workers provided the perfect conditions for the collection of large quantities of hay. Manpower at its best!


 During the mornings, a big group of people participated in building a new pathway through the natural part of the LCP grounds. Together they were forming a bucket brigade to spread the fine gravel for the top layer. Despite the hard work, everyone had a lot of fun!

Farewell Party

On the last day everything was colorfully decorated. The kitchen team had prepared a traditional Indian dish called Pav Bhaji.

The evening programme offered performances of music groups and dancers and a mime.

Some of these performances invited the audience to actively participate.

Finally, a week full of joy and enriching experiences was coming to an end. The participants had enjoyed the time together and a few tears were shed while saying good-bye.

Below you find some impressions and comments from the participants:
“This year I was helping in the Reception Team. It was a special experience for me to welcome all the guests and to be of assistance to them. I also joined two group activities “Haying” and “Path building”. It was so much fun to do voluntary work in a big group of people. One day about a hundred people participated in one activity. That was such a great feeling.“

“My general impression was that the LCP grounds had really developed. They have built new walking paths and a very beautiful pond where they have put a nice wooden bench with a beautiful view of the mountains in the far distance.” 

“The meditation was uplifting and the love and the serving attitude amongst the participants were wonderful.”  

“For me the atmosphere felt really peaceful. Especially the workshop in the field of personal development was extremely helpful and gave me new personal insights that I am really grateful for. The final event was an unforgettable delightful evening with a big delicious buffet, wonderful music and dancing performed by participants.