Event on volunteering in Debeli rtič, 14-15 November 2015

Our first international meeting was held in the Youth Hostel in Debeli rtič and was attended by friends from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Austria, Spain, Bulgaria, Belgium and the Czech Republic.

Our aim was to find new ideas on how to engage in charitable activities in our respective areas.

In various playful exercises we were trying to find new possibilities of how to help people. We also discussed local needs as well as already existing possibilities for charity work.

Posters containing loving and supportive thoughts for refugees were created and handed over to the refugee center in Šentilj. The posters were not only meant to welcome the refugees, they also served as orientation aids in the center. After that we picked up the autumn leaves in the resort park, located by the sea. The rubbish in the surrounding area and on the shore was also cleared up.