Slovenia, 12 – 15 May 2016

A HSI Youth event took place from 12 – 15 May 2016 in a Red Cross owned resort in Debeli rtič, Slovenia.

More than 20 persons from 9 different countries participated. We spent some beautiful days together and even though the weather conditions weren’t in our favor most of the time, the feeling among us was very heart warming.

Before the event at Debeli rtič, we had contacted different local organisations to find opportunities to serve the local community. We arranged visits at two elderly homes in the area. We also offered our services to an organisation owned by the Slovenian Red Cross called “Sonček”, who help people suffering from cerebral paralysis. Additionally, we supported a Red Cross youth activity on the premises of Debeli rtič.


One of our group spent two beautiful days in a day-care center run by “Sonček”.
We helped in workshops, where residents do different types of handicraft work, and supported the daily cleaning of the facilities. Besides all the work, we spent a lot of time with the residents: talking, working, eating with them, taking a walk or just having fun together.

Our second group of volunteers visited the old people’s home and helped with simple tasks like serving coffee and accompanying people back to their rooms. In this way we got the chance for a short, yet sincere personal contact.

On Saturday, another group helped to organise a first aid state competition for children. In this event several groups of eight-year-olds from the best primary schools in the country were competing for first place.
Along with the activities that were arranged to serve the community, we also had a chance to enjoy being together, sharing experiences and reflecting on our spiritual practice.

One of the HSI youth group participants described the time we spent together in a way that we all felt during these days:

“What we did, made a difference. A difference not only to the ones we served, but to ourselves too.”