Slovenia, November 28, 2015

We are a group of young people, ready to dedicate some of our time for the benefit of others. This time we decided to clean a shelter for abandoned cats near the city of Izola. The shelter is taken care of by a volunteer and humanitarian activist called Ms Milena. Around fifty cats dwell in the house and they all need food, fresh water, sand for the litter tray as well as some daily cuddles. Although Ms Milena frequently gets some help with cleaning the living areas, she is basically looking after the cats on her own. So we decided to offer her a helping hand.

Equipped with various cleaning utensils, we met in front of a local shop in Izola on a Saturday in the early afternoon. By the time we arrived at the cat’s shelter, Ms Milena had already been waiting for us and began to give us the necessary instructions. As there was no electricity in the house and therefore hardly any light after sunset, we didn’t want to waste any time. Some of us immediately started to remove the dirt in the upper floors, while others mounted nets onto window frames to provide enough fresh air for the cats. Meanwhile, Ms Milena was cleaning and doing other things downstairs.

When the work was almost completed, we were offered some tea to warm up. We enjoyed a pleasant chat with Ms Milena, who was very grateful for this unexpected support. By the time we left the house, we felt pleased and satisfied that we had been able to provide a meaningful service.