Israel, December 2015 Two years have passed since our last project in cooperation with the voluntary organization called “Yad Le Arad”. This organisation works with our local Social Care Department and helps needy people by delivering food received from hotels and individuals. They also supply medicine, or help elderly and disabled people with various household repairs. For the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, which is celebrated in December and lasts for eight days, we created some small gifts to be added to parcels for people in need.
Equipped with a variety of handicraft materials and a lot of good mood, we gathered several times to create small gifts such as hearts on magnets, key chains and suspensions for mobile phones made of pearls.
After the approximately 140 gifts had been prepared, we joined the volunteers of “Yad Le Arad” at their storage in order to pack the parcels. Together we collected boxes filled with food and vegetables and added our small gifts. The joy of serving others was mutual and the volunteers of “Yad Le Arad” seemed to enjoy our cooperation as much as we did. We eagerly look forward to the next opportunity of working together again!